What can we expect from God?

By , January 17, 2013 5:03 pm

What can we expect from God? The greatest sign of his existence is his ability to change a human being and the direction their life is taking and their ability to cope with what happens.

Many people will encourage you to expect him to make different things happen. Many people have read The Shack and loved it. God didn’t stop a fatal accident in that book, in spite of prayers for blessing upon that holiday.

Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens. We cope better with either situation with God.

We mustn’t under-expect as miracles sometimes happen, but if we expect more than is honest and true, we will be perpetually plagued with those ‘why’ questions. Why did that happen? Is it because God does not love me/I don’t have enough faith/I’ve been rejected? We have to be truthful. Don’t fudge these questions.

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