Going Astray

20/03/2015 ¬† I think ‘Going Astray’ has been banned¬†by a charismatic church. I was upset though realise I shouldn’t be surprised. My husband just said ‘Well, they would, wouldn’t they?’ I may ask them why for what use it would be. I should make some effort to speak at some local churches I guess. I’ve stopped work and just stopped a time-consuming caring role so now is the time if ever. Waggons roll!

 At what precise moment does a church become a cult?

Going Astray Cover

Going Astray was published by Sunpenny publishing in 2010. It’s being re-issued this year (2013). It’s the story of a family whose new community, meant to bring them into a life closer to that of the early church, becomes more and more of a jail. Their struggle to escape almost tears the family apart.

“The author has so clearly depicted the horror of moving to a place where Christians would hope to find sanctuary, peace and love, but finding instead a prison”

Sue Gibbons, writer and TV producer

This novel is a page-turner about a family who embark on communal Christian living. Issues of healing, gifts of the Spirit, faithfulness in marriage, and discipleship are dealt with in a thoughtful, but challenging way as they emerge through a thrilling, touching, but also humorous, story.

It deals with the dangers of fundamentalist Christianity and an overemphasis on gifts of the Spirit and healing, when it is at the expense of discipleship and a testing of the views of leaders against one’s own sense of God’s will. It is not against a charismatic Christian approach. It simply urges caution and balance through the medium of a compelling and suspenseful story.¬† This is Christian fiction at it’s best.

“This book is unlike anything else on the market at the moment. Get it and enjoy it!”

Rob and Marion White: Mainstream Network Ministries, co-founder and Chairman of Hope for Justice